Basic Humanitarian Needs

Most of the world’s population is struggling to survive below the poverty line. 800 million people are in need of basic needs assistance. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 23 million people who do not have sufficient food opportunities live face to face with hunger and are exposed to death due to famine. Food crisis and drought cause wars and animal deaths during immigration trigger food crisis. Countries such as Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Gaza Strip are countries in need of basic needs assistance. In these countries, food prices have increased excessively due to the crisis caused by wars. They live in a situation where they cannot reach a slice of bread due to the lack of purchasing power of people.

According to the UN, approximately 6 million children, in other words16,500 children a day, die every year the fact that malnutrition or starvation.

If we help, we can ensure that our oppressed and refugee brothers and sisters living in difficult conditions can access the basic rights that everyone should have.